Welcome to HiREF

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Welcome to the High Speed Reacting Flow Laboratory at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

The prime focus of HiREF Laboratory is the engineering applications of high-speed reacting flows in the presence of various physical phenomena such as combustion and heat transfer. This focus, in principle, has driven the group to engage in cutting-edge related research areas such as combustion turbulence modeling and experiments, pulse combustion, flameless combustion and development of Pulse Combustion Engines.

HiREF team is currently working to develop accurate turbulence and thermochemical models for different combustion applications, to build state-of-the art experimental platforms for supersonic shock wave investigations and to establish a knowledge base for multidisciplinary thermofluids research topics.

The group is also active in conducting research in heat transfer enhancement, nanofluids, binary gas mixtures, macroscale and microscale fluid flow.